Friday, December 30, 2005


hind·sight P Pronunciation Key (hndst)
Perception of the significance and nature of events after they have occurred.
The rear sight of a firearm.

Hindsight -- the factor in the democrats and Bush haters in attacking the President over Iraq.

Hindsight is a good thing, it keeps us from putting our hand on the hot burner a second time, the first time finding out it was not a good idea to begin with.

There are many times we think: woulda’, coulda’, shoulda’, if I’d only known…

We all make decisions based on erroneous input. Then when the outcome is less than optimal, we quote Homer “D’oh!” When everything works out, and we find out the information was flawed, wipe our brow and “Whew!” dodged that one. Or if we never know that the input was faulty, blithely go about our business none wiser.

Problem for the opponents of the President…


What? You say.

The President’s foes on Iraq, the War on Terror, US Security are floating a canard when they try to impugned the war and progress in Iraq based on the faulty intelligence made GWB lead US into a war on false pretenses. The have the area of criticism that no stockpiles of WMD were found, and attempt to extrapolate that into the whole Iraq war and by extension the War on Terror is in error.

It is obvious that the prewar intelligence was wrong on one main point, the existence of stockpiles of WMD . My question to the Bush Lied crowd is, what happened to the stockpiles of weapons that Saddam had and used? The frightening truth is no one knows for sure. But that discussion is for later.

First the War in Iraq was a correct decision. It was based on 21 points covered earlier , in those 21 points stockpiles of WMD are included in 2 points. Let’s see if it were a test in school that would rate a 90.48% score, low A high B depending on the instructor or school. If we were playing ball a hitter with 0.905 average would be a baseball god.

Bush Lied.

lie2 P Pronunciation Key (l)
A false statement deliberately presented as being true; a falsehood.
Something meant to deceive or give a wrong impression.

v. lied, ly·ing, (lng) lies
v. intr.
To present false information with the intention of deceiving.
To convey a false image or impression: Appearances often lie.

Let us say you read in the morning paper a story. On your morning coffee break you tell the story to your co-workers. Unbeknownst to you the paper retracted the story.

Did you lie?

You are expecting a very important order at work, the vendor has promised a ship date of the 1st, you figure shipment time and plan on arrival of the shipment on the 7th. The schedule calls for the shipment to be in house before the 15th. You have a meeting with the boss about the project. You call the vendor and confirm shipment on the 1st. In the meeting you tell the boss that the material will be in house on the 7th in plenty of time for the deadline. What you don’t know is that the vendor’s plant is burning as you speak. They will be lucky to ship to in 6 months.

Did you lie to your boss?

According to the logic of the President's opponents both times you lied.

Conveying information or making statements that at the time are thought to be accurate – IS NOT LYING!

In the lead up to the war the UN, democrat politicians, the intelligence service of most of the world all concluded that Saddam had stockpiles of WMD.

So when Kerry or Pelosi get up and say the President lied, they are accusing the UN, the collective intelligence opinion and themselves of lying.

So let’s get over that one.

The crux of the accusation is that Bush lied about WMD and lead us into a war. Okay let’s review.

Bush lied – not according to the definition of lying. Once that accusation breaks down, the rest of their complaint kinda’ goes poof. But just for the fun of lets continue the argument.

Their argument goes since Bush lied (we’ve shown he didn’t) the war in Iraq is illegitimate. However of the 21 casus belli points in the Resolution only 2 mention “stockpiles.” If we concede the entirety of those two points that means 19 of the 21 are still valid reasons for going to war.

The entirety of argument against President Bush and the decision to go into Iraq breaks down into at best flatulence.


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