Friday, December 09, 2005

Who voted for conflict in Iraq?

There are 3 key congressional votes leading up to the invasion of Iraq:

Joint Resolution to Authorize the Use of United States Armed Forces Against Iraq

Senate Roll Call
House Roll Call
Signed by President Bush


Passed by Unanimous consent in the Senate.
House roll call.
Signed by President Clinton.

IRAQ LIBERATION ACT OF 1998 (Public Law 105-338)

Passed by Unanimous consent in the Senate.
House Roll Call
Signed by President Clinton

Prominent legislators and their votes on the above bills:

Legislatorliberation Act BreachUse of Force
Sen. KerryYea Yea Yea
Sen. ClintonNot in Office Not in Office Yea
Sen. Biden Yea Yea Yea
Sen. Daschle Yea Yea Yea
Sen. FeinsteinYea Yea Yea
Rep. PelosiDid not vote Yea Nay
Rep. MurthaDid not vote Yea Yea
Rep. McDermottYea Yea Nay

These legislators who almost on a daily basis get up and proclaim "“Bush Lied, Bush made a mistake, wrong war." Are also on the record agreeing that Saddam Hussein and Iraq were a threat with WMD, ties and links to terrorists and should be removed from power, many voted to use force to remove Saddam.

A few voted no on the use of force, after they voted to make the Liberation of Iraq Public Policy and that Iraq was in breach of all the UN resolutions. Tough words and nothing to back it up, yeah Saddam should go, yeah he is giving the finger to the UN, but we'’re not gonna'’ do anything about it.

The response from them is "“Bush sent the military to war." That response is so ignorant of 5th grade civics as to be laughable. We have 3 branches of government, separate but equal. The president cannot use military force without the agreement and authorization of the Congress. They agreed and authorized.

Those who voted with the President on the use of force and the earlier bills are equally responsible for situation in Iraq. They agreed and vote that Saddam should be removed from power. They voted and agreed that Saddam had and was pursue WMD with links to terrorists. They voted and agreed that force should be used to accomplish those goals. The president could not have continued with the support of these yes votes in congress. They have no ground to stand up and say it was wrong, a mistake, that Bush got us into this mess. Wrong! They gave Bush the legislative support required by law to purse the goals of the legislation.

The naysayers supported and agreed on the record with President Bush and gave him the authorization of use force.

They now with the most cynical hypocrisy, holding a damp finger in the wind have determined that is more important for their own selfish and naked political ambition to turn back on their own votes and statements.

While there is room for criticism of the current state of the conflict in Iraq, acting as if they had no part is despicible political pandering. When a legislator voted for all the bills allowing the conflict to start they have no room to criticize the beginnings as if they were innocent bystanders duped by the dumbest man ever in the White House.


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