Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ten Reasons To Oppose Health Care

Ten Reasons why I'm opposed to the health care and insurance reform plans in currently in congress and proposed by the President.

10) Imagine health care provided at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

9) The current proposals include provisions for health care record keeping and IRS for determinations of income and billing within the health care bureaucracy, financial and health information all accessible at a single point.

8) Health care and insurance are not perfect, some changes are necessary to fix those areas that need improvement. Improvements do not require wholesale destruction and remaking of 17% of the country's economy.

7) We can't afford it. $9 Trillion in deficits, $45 Trillion in unfunded Medicare mandates. Do we expect with reform the Federal Government will suddenly discover fiscal responsibility?

6) The Government is already spending and consuming too much The Government Consumes 45% of the GDP, Health Care is 17% of the GDP. Having Government consume 61% of the GDP will be untenable.

5) Obtaining health insurance / health care is a private contract. It is contract with a company and or individuals, private contracts are not within the prevue of the Federal Government.

4) The Federal Government is not authorized under the laws of establishing this Constitutional Republic to meddle in the health insurance / health care market place. Health insurance / health care is not an enumerated power and belongs to the States. Pass a Constitutional Amendment to take over health care.

3) Property: Health Insurance, obtaining health care is property. I take the product of my labor and exchange it with insurance companies and health care providers for health care.

2) Liberty: How I live my life, the choices I make, especially regarding my health care are my decisions, such decisions should not be under the scrutiny of the Federal Government.

1) Life: Health care directly affects my life, the length, and quality of my life. It is not subject to governmental interference.

Proponents of Health Care Reform accuse the opponents of "No-ism." That's a bogus charge. When a bus is being driven over the cliff, the first thing to is STOP the damn bus. There is no discussion on how the bus should be driven just STOP!

The bus is being driven off the cliff. Much of what is being proposed has been tried in the 50 laboratories of democracy called the States. Two place in particular, Washington State and Massachusetts. BOTH HAVE FAILED.

We know what doesn't work. What is being proposed doesn't work. We know this because it has been tried.

We people are doing the same thing again, expecting a different outcome, we don't need alternative plans. We just need to stop the bus, then work on the route.


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